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Trophy Presentation Night  23/7

Congratulations to all our winners.  Thank you to Shorewater Boats & Bits,  Mindarie Marina and Shore Cafe (George Bartell) for their amazing raffle prizes.

Trophy Winners for 2015/2016 year.

Club Champion Ryan Haast  852 pts

2nd  Jamie Straw    457 pts

3rd  George Bartell  449 pts

Ladies Champion   Denise Little   209 pts

Perpetual Trophies

Pink Snapper 5.322kg  Richard Forster

Dhufish 10.830kg  Ryan Haast

KG Whiting 1.224kg  David Little

Skipjack .868kg  Jamie Straw

Most Species    Ryan Haast   20

Family Fishing Day Trophy  –  Straw/Eadie family

Club Person 2015/16  –  Bert Straw

Species Trophies

Flathead     Revice Lehmann

Garfish       Bert Straw

Herring     John Connolly

Sand Whiting   Richard Forster

KG Whiting  David Little

Pink Snapper  Richard Forster

Skipjack   Jamie Straw

Dhufish   Ryan Haast

Baldchin Groper  Richard Forster

Leatherjacket   David Eadie

Tailor   Richard Forster

Breaksea Cod   Derek Smith

Club Records

Brown Spotted Wrasse  .920kg  Revice Lehmann

Red Snapper  1.276kg  Robert Meneguz

Northwest Snapper 2.126kg  David Little

Wirra COD .990kg  David Little

Blue Mackerel  .454kg  Stuart Barnes

Baldchin Groper  4.968kg  Richard Forster

Gummy Shark  8.835kg Ryan Haast

Foxfish  1.098kg Denise Little

Tailor  1.306kg  Richard Forster

Tuna (Skipjack)  4.574kg  Cameron Johnston















Results of Trophy Winners for 2014/15 year.

Mens:      Ryan Haast                  588 pts             1st

Jamie Straw                                 480 pts             2nd

George Bartell                             406 pts             3rd

Ladies:    Kylie Haast                     28 pts             1st

Juniors:    Bailey Johnston            61 pts              1st

Chloe Forster                                     7 pts              2nd


Perpetual Trophy Winners:

Pink Snapper                           Ryan Haast                  4.794 kg

Baldchin Groper                      Richard Forster          4.510 kg

Dhufish                                      Craig Johnston         13.010 kg

King George Whiting              Jamie Straw                1.200 kg

Skipjack                                     Stephen Holt                 .852 kg

Most Species:   Ryan Haast   18

Family Trophy Day:   Revice Lehmann Family

Species Trophies:

Flathead                               1.508 kg                  George Bartell

Garfish                                   .216kg                    Bert Straw

Herring                                  .262 kg                   Ryan Haast

Sand Whiting                        .262 kg                  Gary Waterman

King George Whiting         1.200 kg                 Jamie Straw

Pink Snapper                       4.794 kg                 Ryan Haast

Skipjack                                   .852 kg                Stephen Holt

Dhufish                                  13.010 kg              Craig Johnston

Baldchin Groper                    4.510 kg               Richard Forster

Leather Jacket                        1.802 kg              Jamie Straw

Tailor                                          .560 kg              George Bartell

Breaksea Cod                          1.796 kg               Ryan Haast


Leatherjacket                                   1.802 kg           Jamie Straw

Red Snapper                                       .834 kg           Richard Forster

Goat Fish                                             .734 kg            George Bartell

Baldchin Groper                               4.510 kg           Richard Forster

Flounder                                                .620 kg         Gary Waterman

Nannygai                                             1.544 kg          George Bartell

Watsons Leaping Bonito                    .936 kg          Brandon Straw

Golden Spotted Sweetlip                   2.244 kg         Cameron Johnston


Best Club Person for 2014/2015 year was jointly won by Nada Threadgate and Cheryl Straw.

A great night was had by all.    Everyone was greeted by a glass of champagne on arrival by our outgoing  Commodore.

The meal was delicious.   Music by Teresa was great.    The kids did a great job of “Roar””.     It was great to see so many getting up to do a song or two.

The Wheelbarrow Raffle was won  Stan Uren,     second prize of the firepit filled with goodies went to Ryan Haast  and third prize of the chair filled with goodies was Cheryl Straw.

Lucky Door Prize was won by Matthew Cresswell.

Many thanks to Donna for taking lots of photos, if anyone wants to see them,  they are on the Club’s Facebook site.